A simple idea can earn YOU a fortune!... That’s “why” IF? you will take action today! It’s a simple and easy process to register your “idea” and show YOUR idea to investors around the world for a very small fee. The question is, what ideas should you have? What idea is fit for a world that seems like it has had it all? Ideas have continued to improve the world we're in today. A few simple and basic examples to buttress the usefulness of ideas in the society we live in: spoons, forks, plates are all great ideas. A genius somewhere came up with the idea of putting raw food over fire, and that's what we have now as cooking. How about the wheel, the telephone, jet planes, FedeX, Amazon, Uber or Airbnb. Ideas are limitless, and even more so as the world keeps evolving. Simple ideas are the greatest ideas. If you find that you can't explain your idea in the simplest of ways, think again! See YOUR IDEA as if you're explaining to a child, would he or she be able to understand you? Only THEN will a potential investor express an interest in YOUR idea. Good luck!


What you need to do is select the correct category for your idea from the dropdown menu and then complete your registration. The cost is $10.00 per month. When you sign up, we will give a portion of your registration fee to charity. Our list of approved charities is available upon request. When you register your idea or business for sale you will be issued a unique registration number That number along with a brief description of your idea will then be on full display for investors around the world to see (AFTER THEY HAVE SIGNED A LEGALLY BINDING NON-DISCLOSURE, NON-COMPETE AGREEMENT.) The investors will contact you via the secure communication system to protect your privacy. It might take time - it will take time, but it will happen IF? you are patient and persistent. The idea that is good for you, might not be good for the majority. The point is, not every idea is worth pursuing Make sure others see the future you see, and prove it if you can before pursue the idea. Excitement matters a lot when it comes to ideas. You shouldn't choose an idea simply because it just popped up in your head. Take the time to follow some simple guidelines to actually prove if your idea is worth pursuing. Please, make sure it is something you will find great joy in trying to accomplish. Simple ideas are the greatest ideas. If you find that you can't explain your idea in the simplest of ways to someone who might actually be interested in funding them, think again.


The question about “WHEN” is NOW! There is no better time that now. There is no better time to act than now. Do not put it off until tomorrow what you should do today. Remember procrastination is the mother of all failures. Why procrastinate when you can chase that million-dollar idea now? Remember, if you don't, you risk losing that idea forever. How do you implement it? Below are a few tips to get you started:
1. Courage It takes an awful lot of courage to see something through to the idea. Sometimes you might feel like backing out. It's a normal thing. It also takes a huge amount of courage to come up with something that might seem so different with what you've seen around you. But get this, there is a great quote by Philipp Depiereux that says:

"Success is based on the willingness to take risks."

Failure is sometimes seen as an opportunity to better your ways. And remember, the ideas that we use today were once considered crazy too.
2. Teamwork There is something I came to learn in 2018. Two heads are better than one. What it takes a head to achieve in 12 months, two people can and will achieve it in 6 months. I've seen it happen. So, to implement it, you need someone you can trust by your side. Your idea might need two pair of hands. Together, you can reach your goals faster and more efficiently.
3. Determination The path to success requires a strong amount of determination. As humans, we are gifted with a certain level of foresight. Usually, when an idea comes to life - which more often than not, happens at night; write it down immediately. It takes persistent determination to go on regardless, and sooner or later, if you continue pushing, the idea will begin to take traction and then its time to take action.
4. Feedback This is also a good way to implement your idea, as it gives you a chance to know the pros and cons of your idea. Share it with your family and friends. Hear what they have to say. Does it awe them or does it give them that indifferent feeling? If the latter, they might probably be able to help in telling you ways in which you can better your idea. Beware though! Because there are a lot of “dreamless” dream stealers lurking out there who don’t share your vision. Stay on point! Take action!


The “WHERE” in this case simply means where you are at mentally in the stage of development of YOUR idea. It’s funny but you have probably had ideas come and go. Then sometimes you try to remember what “that” idea was only to see it show up and completed by someone else who took action. You lost! Creative people like you can train yourself to capture an idea, develop it, and take it to market either on your own or through a site like Idea Man. The key is to NEVER let an idea go away until you have worked through all the bumps to figure out whether it is a good idea or not. By using this site, you can reduce your risk and perhaps be rewarded handsomely just for posting your idea. Remember there are people out there that have money and are willing to invest in good ideas.


Some facts on “HOW” to register as a seller or buyer. Your cost to register your idea or business for sale are:
Seller Monthly fee $10.00
Buyer Monthly fee $10.00
When you register your idea or business for sale here is what will happen.
1) The short description that YOU pick will show up on the slider “attention getting” bar on the home page. When a potential buyer for your idea or business for sale clicks on that link, they will be shown the larger description which you entered when you registered. If they are interested, they can contact you directly.
2) The complete description which YOU prepare will then also appear in the IDEAS FOR SALE OR BUSINESS for sale tool bar tab. Your registration lists all details of each idea or business for sale and will be available to buyers who have previously registered and completed a non-comp agreement.

Seller Monthly fee $10.00
Buyer Monthly fee $10.00