International Entrepreneurs Association is accepting applications for the exclusive position of Executive Director in each country.


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● Among the benefits, of the Executive Directors position is four levels of income,
direct exposure to international markets, exports, imports and local, regional and
international commercial opportunity. The Executive Director will also provide local and
regional hands on, training and mentoring to new IEA members to help on an individual
basis with the development of new ideas, products, and, concepts for business and
networking opportunities. This is not a “JOB” it is an opportunity!


November 10th 2017. A “call in” at a global scale to “qualified” opportunity seekers is the
call that makes the International Entrepreneurs Association (IEA) whose
main goal is to create a global entrepreneurs network to encourage imports,exports,new
developments,trainings and capacities to to engage at the local grass roots level to teach
and train new entrepreneurs.

The appointed Executive directors will enjoy prestige and recognition in the local and
international market, training opportunities, media exposure, relations with chambers of
commerce, civil organizations, academia, international conferences and access to
exclusive content and webinars with famous speakers and experts from all over the world
are just some of the benefits offered to the appointed Executive Directors.

“As an entrepreneur with many years of experience I have made a thorough study of the
entrepreneurial market and its commercial potential. With many billions in commercial
trade and an estimated 700 million entrepreneurs globally is the reason I created the IEA,”
said David Selley, founder and CEO of the International Entrepreneurs Association. “The
goal is to form an international network of licensed and highly qualified Executive Directors
with a proven entrepreneurial background. The Executive Directors are frequently in a
learning process, and exposed to new business opportunities where they can run out their
full potential and at the same time help importers, exporters, existing and new businesses
in their licensed country plus help “new” entrepreneurs realize their full potential

Initially, the IEA is developing a schedule of activities in North America, South America,
Europe and Asia with a plan to expand it to 70 other countries and 50 major cities via an
International book signing, and public relations tour, about entrepreneurialism!

For those people who are interested in the Executive Directors position in each specific
area ( country) an application must be submitted. The licensing process and the
applicants REAL qualifications such as practical entrepreneurial experience, education
and personal background will be reviewed by the executive board of directors,

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About David Selley

Born and educated in England, David is a Professional Speaker ( )
author and an intrepid entrepreneur. He majored in Economics at the University of British
Columbia, and spent 25 years in sales and marketing senior management’s positions at
Revlon, Helena Rubinstein, Lancôme and Charles of the Ritz.

The second career of David, as an entrepreneur, led him to own several successful
businesses. He is a graduate of the Mark Victor Hansen and the Robert Allen Enlightened
Millionaire program. He was inducted into the Enlightened Millionaire Institute Hall of Fame
and is a popular guest on radio talk and podcast shows internationally. He also appears as
a guest on TV shows in North America.. He has been married to his wife Sonja for 50+
years and promotes relationship success at They have two
children and four grandchildren and live in beautiful Hawaii.

Contact with the media:

David Selley
CEO International Entrepreneurs Association P.O.Box 7269 Hilo.
Hawaii 96720 LinkedIn /Facebook

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