International Entrepreneurs Association announces a new disruptive marketing model to connect ideas with investors.


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Among the benefits to
inventors, idea people, investors and business owners is the opportunity to expose
their ideas or business for sale through a central clearing house. Both sellers and
buyers will be required to sign NDA agreements for the protection of all parties.
This program will be part of the IEA network of Executive Directors in each country
as they are appointed, trained and placed. More…….

June 1 st 2019

A plan was forged to bring forth new ideas and businesses for sale into the world,
by connecting Business and idea owners with investors. Recognizing that most
people in the world today have ideas, that won’t see the light of day, David Selley
sprung a plan into action. This, he calls the This site is
where ideas can be found, bought, and given the opportunity to rise. The overall
purpose of the website is to provide people with ideas, a means for them to see
their ideas come to fruition, even if it won’t be in their own hands, whilst making
some money out of it as well.. Investors and buyers looking for a Business or idea
will be able to offer cash, royalty,or license and an auction will also be available on
the site. A network of accredited business brokers will handle the business sale
transactions. Of course, the owner of the site is not blind to the fact there might be
situations where the buyer of the ideas might want to steal an idea, and cheat the
seller out of it. This is why there will be a mandatory non-compete agreement,
which will provide global legal protection from any idea pirates.

About David Selley

Born and educated in England, David is a Professional Speaker ( )
author and an intrepid entrepreneur. He majored in Economics at the University of British
Columbia, and spent 25 years in sales and marketing senior management’s positions in
the cosmetic industry.

Thereafter David followed his dream of becoming an entrepreneurs entrepreneur. That led
him to invent products, own trademarks,copyrights and created and owned several
successful businesses. He is a graduate of the Mark Victor Hansen and the Robert Allen
Enlightened Millionaire program. He was inducted into the Enlightened Millionaire Institute
Hall of Fame and is a popular guest on radio talk and podcast shows internationally. He
has been married to his wife Sonja for 50+ years and promotes relationship success at They have two children and four grandchildren and live in beautiful

Contact with the media:

David Selley
CEO International Entrepreneurs Association P.O.Box 7269 Hilo.
Hawaii 96720 LinkedIn /Facebook

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