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About David Selley founder of ideamanexpert.com

Born and educated in England, David is a Professional Speaker ( www.davidselley.net )
author and an intrepid entrepreneur. He majored in Economics at the University of British
Columbia, and spent 25 years in sales and marketing senior management’s positions in
the cosmetic industry.

Thereafter David followed his dream of becoming an entrepreneurs entrepreneur. That led
him to invent products, own trademarks,copyrights and created and owned several
successful businesses. He is a graduate of the Mark Victor Hansen and the Robert Allen
Enlightened Millionaire program. He was inducted into the Enlightened Millionaire Institute
Hall of Fame and is a popular guest on radio talk and podcast shows internationally. He
has been married to his wife Sonja for 50+ years and promotes relationship success at
www.askdavidhow.com They have two children and four grandchildren and live in beautiful