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Buyer’s registration form – Idea Man Expert

Buyer’s registration form



A seller will not see any of this information and your information will be held as strictly confidential.

As a buyer/ investor I am interested in the following:

Buying and idea outright for cash Y N
Buying an idea for cash plus a royalty fee Y N
I am willing to discuss a joint venture Y N
I would be willing to discuss a partnership Y N
Buying an idea through a license agreement for cash and percentage fee Y N
I am willing to participate in an auction to acquire an idea Y N
Would you like low cost consultation services from Idea Man to help you? Y N
What are your investing / spending budget limits to buy an idea $ ¥ € £
How quickly are you prepared to make a buying decision


Are you acting as an individual Y N
Are you part of a group Y N
How many years experience as an investor
Have you done a VC project before Y N

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